“and those who bring many to righteousness will be like the stars forever and ever.” Daniel 12:3

Year 2020 is a special celebration here at Iron Scepter Worldwide as January marked the 13th year that Apostle Joshua Trent has preached the Gospel, taking up the Cross into 19 nations to demonstrate to them with Power that Jesus Christ is resurrected from the dead! Thank you to the courageous men and women who have partnered with Iron Scepter Worldwide financially and with fervent intercession all these years, your loyalty is being rewarded.

STADIUM GOSPEL CRUSADE: Apostles Joshua and Eliza Trent have an upcoming Gospel Crusade in Ciudad Juárez, México which will be their largest yet. For 5 nights Apostles Joshua and Eliza Trent will proclaim the Gospel to unbelievers at the local football stadium which seats 21,000. The local apostolic network of churches has pledged to assist them, they are also doing all of the groundwork. Apostles Joshua and Eliza daily “stop for the one”, however they carry an Anointing for multitudes. The Greek word for Multitudes is used over 2 dozen times in relation to the New Covenant Ministry of Apostles. They carry a Gift of Faith to see multitudes of unbelievers in México surrender to King Jesus. Support the Great Commission today by donating to Iron Scepter Worldwide. Your donations will help Apostles Joshua and Eliza to faithfully and efficiently preach the Gospel to unbelievers in Europe, Eurasia, and North America during the remainder of 2020. Thank you for your service to God! He is a rewarder!

2020 is a year of MULTIPLE HARVESTS of SOULS in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!


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